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Black Alchemy - Black Alchemy

Published September 6, 2012

Catalog#: Dipso0061
Artist: Black Alchemy
Title: Black Alchemy
Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Harsh Black Noise

Black Alchemy plays International Antisocialist Black Noise exclusively! Featured here is a collection of their first two Demo Tapes.

Track 1 taken from Demo 1 2010.
13 spells,
Titles include:
Bonding + Gas
Black Noise Whore
Degradation Ritual
Finis Hominis
Against the Depressive Suicidal BM
Masturbation Genocide
Any Many More!...

Track 2-3 taken from Drawing Blood Demo 2010.

Track List:

01 - Black Summer Noise Ritual
02 - Black Alchemy - Orifice Sacrifice
03 - Shamanarchy Rising


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Run time 37:22


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